Our History

"Whether you dream of riding a horse in unspoiled wilderness (perhaps for the first time), relaxing in the Jacuzzi with a margarita, strolling around the Ranch's Garden or walking among locals in an endless marketplace, at Rancho Guadalupe you'll find the ideal getaway."


Rancho Guadalupe has been a Family Weekend Getaway for its owners since 1985.The Ranch owners have been passionate about horseback trail riding for many years and now they want to open the door for riders worldwide. We welcome riders from all levels; from beginner to expert, but we recommend our programs and riding tours for intermediate and advanced riders because of the long duration and fast pace of the rides.

Rancho Guadalupe is located in the beautiful countryside of Ajusco, a small town near Mexico City. We are in between of many inactive volcanoes at approximately 2700 meters of the sea level, which provides a countless number of different trails suitable for horseback riding and other outdoor recreational activities.

We offer all-inclusive lodging to our guests at the ranch such as all meals, beverages, a swimming pool with a heating system, tennis and basketball courts, and of course all the horses and trails. We have 3 bedrooms for two guests each – and a suite with a private Jacuzzi. All the bedrooms have their own bathroom.   

Our horse trails are suitable for intermediate and expert riders – we have trails from 1 hour, up to 12 hours for the most experienced ones. The security of our guests is the most important thing for us, that’s why we recommend our packages for advanced to expert riders only. If you are a beginner and wish to join our trails, check out our Riding Lessons and Clinics.


Ajusco is a Natural Park in the south of Mexico City. The area is famous for its highest point; a 3930 meter (13 000 ft.) high lava-dome volcano called “Pico de Águila”. Many residents of Mexico City and tourists visit the area around the highest points with activities such as mountain biking, horseback riding, hiking and climbing. The mountains in Ajusco offer stunning views, where all Mexico City can be seen.


At Rancho Guadalupe we care about our horses. Some of them are born and raised at the Ranch and others have been here for years, so we know each one very well. They all are fed with abundant alfalfa, hay and their own portion of oat. All horses are brushed and cleaned daily, they get a nice bath regularly and we keep their mane and tail braided. We like to maintain our horses healthy, pretty and in good shape because they are not only an integral part of these amazing horseback riding experiences, they are family members to us.

We have many breeds at the Ranch (friesian, spanish, warmblood, quarters, percherons and lots more) - some are suitable for long hours of riding - our Friesian horses can be used at the paddock and in short trails (less than two hours). Friesian horses are very heavy and get tired easily; they are not for fast rides. The warmblood, quarters spanish horses are more suitable for long trails in the mountainous areas we explore.  

Take a closer look on our horses.