Meet The Horses!

At Rancho Guadalupe we care about our horses: We have many breeds at the Ranch – some are suitable for long hours of riding and some not – our Frisian horses can be used at the paddock and in short trails (less than two hours). They are very heavy horses that get tired easily; they are not made for cantering in the fields.

The warmblood, quarters and criollos are more suitable for long trails in the mountainous areas we ride. After a very long trail (7 hours or more) we usually let the horses rest the next day.

All of the horses are very experienced in the fields, they don’t get scared easily, but you should always keep in mind that they are animals with their own thoughts and can be unpredictable.

The horses are fed two times a day, in the morning before 7 am and in the afternoon around 4 pm, each one of them gets their very own portion of oat and alfalfa with abundant hay.

After a long ride or at least twice a month the horses get a nice bath and their mane and tail are braided. We like to keep our horses pretty and in a good shape because they are the one who makes all these amazing horse riding experiences possible. As you can see – some of the horses have pretty long mane (like Rey) and it´s all due to many years of braiding.