Bohemian Coyoacán
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Bohemian Coyoacán

Half a day trip 40 USD

Take a cup of Jarocho´s famous hot chocolate, grab a churro and interact with locals on the market place - after Zócalo, Coyoacán is the second most visited place in México City. Is one of the oldest neighborhoods in the city, with narrow cobblestone streets and small plazas, built during the colonial period and gives the area a distinct and bohemian identity. There are many small market places where you can buy Mexican handcrafts and souvenirs to take back home.  The center of Coyoacán is a lot more peaceful than Zócalo, although it is a popular attraction for many tourists from all over the world.

Guide services available upon request.


Half day trip
Group Tour - $50 USD pp (min2)
Private Tour - $ 80 USD pp (min2)