Mexico City Panoramic Tour
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Mexico City Panoramic Tour

Half a Day trip from 60 USD

Enjoy the most visited route in México City. We'll follow the main street of México – Paseo de la Reforma, and visit the main square of the capital – Zócalo, the second largest square in the world. In addition, you can see some historical buildings like the National Palace, Metropolitan Cathedral and Palace of Fine Arts. Then, the Anthropology Museum, the largest museum of Latin America, which houses thousands of pieces of ancient civilizations of Mesoamerica: Olmec, Aztec, Zapotec, Mixtec, Maya, etc. Here you will see the famous 24-ton Aztec Calendar, or rather, Stone of Suns, counting down the last period and predicting the future; multi-ton Olmec heads; colorful murals of Teotihuacán; unique filigree jewelry of Mixtecs. And perhaps, you will be able to understand the truth of the mysterious Mayan civilization.


Half day trip
Group Tour - $60.00 USD pp (min 2)  
Private Tour - $110.00 USD pp (min 2)