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Ajusco Volcanoes and Wilderness Adventure

During 8 days and 7 nights, experience long trails to hidden villages and breathtaking views from the highest points of Ajusco– all this riding a well-trained horse.

 This extended program includes six riding days, from half-day rides to full days in the saddle. We will take you to some of the most important volcanoes near Ajusco Natural Park and other long trails to small, unknown, towns and villages, where you can grab a cold beverage and interact with the locals. You will see breathtaking views from the highest points of Ajusco– all this riding a well-trained horse.  We recommend this for intermediate to advanced riders; we will be going through narrow paths and steep hills, mixed with open fields with fast canters.  The longest rides you will be participating can take up to 12 hours! (Chalma or Tepoztlán upon request for expert riders)

Day 1: Arrival

Our drivers will be waiting for you at the airport to help you with your luggage and then drive you directly to the Ranch where our staff will be receiving you with a margarita. We will give you a tour around the installations at the Ranch and help you get comfortable. If your flight lands early, you will have the possibility to meet and maybe even ride the horses. The dinner will be served later on and you can choose from many of our Chef’s specialties.

Day 2: Ajusco Surroundings

On your first riding day at the Ranch, we will take you up the hills surrounding the Ranch from where you can see the small town of Ajusco. This ride is about 3 hours long and it is the perfect opportunity to get to know your horse better. After a delicious lunch at the Ranch we will take you inside the crater of the nearest volcano called “El Arenal”. During this ride in the evening you will have an open view to the enormous Mexico City during sunset. Enjoy and relax at the Ranch at night and prepare for the next day’s ride!

Day 3: Cerro Pelado “Bare Hill” Volcano

After a delicious and complete breakfast, we will take you for a 5 hour ride to Cerro Pelado, a volcano which you can see in the horizon from the Ranch. From the highest point of this inactive volcano you can see all over Ajusco and the surrounding wilderness, this is where forest rangers keep guard on the nature in case of forest fires. We will be back at the Ranch just in time for lunch – in the evening we can take you to downtown Ajusco for some shopping and sightseeing or you can do some more riding before dinner.

Day 4: El Capulín Hidden Village and Wild Horses

Now that you got a feeling on the horses and got to do some shorter trails, you should be ready for a half-day in the saddle! Today we will take you to a 5-hour-trail to a hidden village called Capulín, where you will have the opportunity to purchase locally prepared beverage called “Conejo” or maybe just an ice-cold “cerveza”. This beautiful village has only about 300 habitants and the nearest city is about 2 hour drive away and if we are lucky, there is a possibility to spot a herd of wild horses on our way.

Day 5: Historical volcano “Xitle”

Xitle volcano, which engulfed and covered several Prehispanic settlements, including famous Cuicuilco pyramid in the south of Mexico City, is another interesting sight for a ride from the Ranch. This volcano does seem that big from the outside but climbing up to the edge, you can see the enormous 300 meter deep crater. It takes about 2 hours to ride to this crater from the Ranch, and the path is so narrow to the top that we’ll have to leave the horses behind and walk for about 10 minutes up to the edge and see the beautiful volcano that destroyed prehispanic settlements in Mexico City several years ago. On our way back to the Ranch, we can take a break for some cold beverages in one of the many “tiendas” and support the local community.

Day 6: Ajusco – La Marquesa

After some days of “mountain climbing”, this 7-hour-long ride will take us to a beautiful park called “La Marquesa”. During this ride we have a possibility to see some more wild horses, if we are lucky, and enjoy the rapidly changing scenery of the wilderness; open fields, dense forests, small streams and old wooden villages. When arriving to “La Marquesa” there is a perfect place to do a little race galloping to an open spot where we will have a barbeque and ice cold beverages. After a nice evening of eating and resting, we will load the horses on our horse transportation equipment to be taken back to the Ranch.

Day 7: Ajusco – Los Dinamos Waterfalls or Chalma

This last day of riding we want to take you to a special place called Los Dinamos. This is another National Park known for the beautiful scenery with waterfalls, streams and one of the few rivers providing water to Mexico City. Cold beverages, quesadillas and other local snacks and diches are waiting for us at the end of this 6 hour trail. You will have the rest of the evening and night to enjoy all the amenities and fine dining at the Ranch.  

In case you are an expert rider and you feel like doing a very intense trail, we have the opportunity to take you for a 12 hour ride to a place called Chalma, a town that is famous amongst pilgrims all around Mexico. This trail is suitable only for advanced and expert riders because of its very long duration; it is almost like a marathon on a horse! But don’t worry; our horses are in very good condition. On our way to Chalma, we will see everything from open landscapes to mountains. The lunch will be taken in a small town called Santa Marta and when we arrive to Chalma you will get to know the famous church of this small town and purchase local handcrafts and sweets. If you are more interested in riding to Chalma instead of Los Dinamos, please let us know.

Day 8: Departure

If you have an early flight to catch - we will serve you a breakfast before it’s time to go and one of our drivers will drive you to the airport upon request. In case your flight leaves at night, you will have time to do one last trail nearby the Ranch and we will accommodate with lunch and dinner to your schedule.


  • All Meals
  • Beverages & Quality Wines with Dinner and Lunch
  • Amenities
  • Riding and Equipment
  • Wranglers
  • Classic Room


  • Transportation from the airport and back
  • Optional excursions
  • Gratuity (10 to 15%) if you are satisfied with the service
  • Other opcional services

2065 USD/pax

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