The Sanctuary of Chalma
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The Sanctuary of Chalma

This 12-hour-trail to a famous town called Chalma is for experienced riders only.

Chalma is a small community in Mexico State. Its small population is almost completely dedicated to the pilgrims who come to visit the Sanctuary of Chalma, the second most-important pilgrimage site in Mexico. The sanctuary is dedicated to an image of what many people describe as a "black Christ" on a cross that legend says miraculously appeared in an area cave where the worship of a deity commonly known as Oxtoteotl used to take place.

Chalma is a popular destination for catholic pilgrims mostly during December and Easter. This is one of our longest trails, up to 11 hours, so we only accept experienced riders on this ride.

On this ride you'll get to ride from mountainous paths to open fields. Arriving to Chalma, you can walk around in the small streets, buy local hand-crafts and sweets from the market and get a close look on the famous "Señor de Chalma" Church.